Hi – I am a former secondary school teacher of French and German with a degree in French and German studies and ten years of experience teaching in UK schools. All of the French resources featured on this website are my own, adapted from those I used for my own classroom practice. I own this website, plus the equivalent German resources site – GermanTeacherResources.com.

All of the resources are free to download and use in your teaching  – all I ask is that you do not republish the material in any way or use it commercially – Please see the Legal Stuff section for more details.

If you like the website, please consider subscribing to new resources as they become available, via the link on the left-hand side. You can also follow the FrenchTeacherResources.com twitter feed here.

If you have any suggestions for improvements on the site,  I would be grateful to have your feedback so that I can make amendments. Please also bear in mind that while I thoroughly check all resources to ensure that they are as accurate as possible, I am not infallible! If you spot an inaccuracy, please let me know using the contact form above. Many thanks.

Thank you for using FrenchTeacherResources.com – I hope it proves useful to you 🙂


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  1. TOny says:

    Thank you for the wonderful time-saving resources you have shared. They have been valuable in my Toronto classes.

  2. Deaglán Ó Gráinne. says:


    De l’eau dans le désert! Merci infiniment.

  3. Stephanie Westphal says:

    Wow! You have great ideas for resources. My name is Stephanie and i’m a French teacher in Australia. A friend of mine recommended your website.

    • Charlie says:

      Hi Stephanie,
      I’m really glad you like the resources and also to hear that someone has recommended the site – good to hear! 🙂

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