‘Ma Maison’ matching pairs game.

Students have 24 cards; 12 pictures and 12 matching words for rooms in the house as listed below.

La chambre, le salon, la salle de bains, la salle à manger, la cuisine, l’escalier, le bureau, le grenier, la cave, le garage, le jardin and le balcon.

Recommended activies

  • Students work in pairs to match up the correct word with its picture.
  • Students turn all cards upside down and take it in turns to select two cards at random. If they choose a pair then they may take another turn. If not they should replace the cards and it is their opponent’s turn. The winner is the student with most cards at the end of the game.
  • In classes of 24 students or less pupils can be given one card each and must find their partner.

To download the PDF sheet of cards please click on the link below:


Ma Maison Matching Pairs

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