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French Classroom Objects presentation.

The presentation introduces sixteen words which are names of items that might be taken to school; un sac, un stylo, un crayon, un bic, un livre, un cahier, un feutre, une règle, des ciseaux, une calculatrice, une gomme, un compas, un porte-monnaie, un taille-crayon, une trousse and un portable.

The words are introduced in groups of four, followed by a quick recap of each section.

There are then two slides of French-English vocabulary-matching (8 words on each slide) followed by a gap-filling activity where students should fill in the correct choice from un and une, according to the gender of the word.

To download the PowerPoint presentation, please click on the image below:


French Classroom Objects

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‘Dans mon sac’ wordearch – including sixteen words and phrases for classroom items in French. There are two differentiated versions. Firstly there is a version where both the words provided and the vocabulary in the wordsearch are in French. Secondly there is a higher level version where the words provided are in English, but students must find the French equivalent in the wordsearch. You can also find  a link to a solution at the bottom of the page.

To download the French only version, please click on the image below:

Dans Mon sac wordsearch


To download the higher level version, with the words provided written in English and students must find the French in the wordsearch, please click here.

To download an answer sheet with the solution highlighted in red, please click here.

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Dans mon sac – a pelmanism game for students to play matching pairs games with French vocabulary. The resource uses fifteen items students may take to school and provides the pictures and the words in French for pupils to match. For an explanation of how to play the pelmanism game, scroll down to the bottom of the screen. To download the ‘Dans mon sac’ pelmanism in PDF format please click on the image below.

Dans mon sac



Students work in small teams of 3 – 6. They shuffle the cards and lay them all face down on the table. Students take it in turns to select two cards, aiming to find a matching pair. If they find one, they keep the cards and take another turn. If not, they must return the cards to where they found them.

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A PowerPoint to introduce common classroom target language in French.

Click on the picture below to download.

Classroom Target Language




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